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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Nail Care

Las Vegas is the city where dreams come true and dreams shatter. It’s the place where people come to find their fortunes; poker, blackjack, roulette are some of the standard gambling games here and that’s one of the primary reasons one comes to Las Vegas. Since it’s a party town, you have to look perfect and considering you’d be active and moving around a lot, you wouldn’t have time to go to a Las Vegas nail salon to make sure that your nails look perfect. Even if you do, its just seems like too much of an effort to go to a nail salon Las Vegas has. Fortunately, I have some ways you can do, in your home you can use to make sure you have great nails.

Upgrade the Nail File:

Get yourself a crystal nail file and you’ll find that shaping your nails takes half the time it would with the flimsy cardboard one that came inside a manicure kit someone got you for Christmas 2 years ago. The grit on the glass nail file is more fine, which means that they are more gentle on the nails. Too coarse and it's damaging to the nails. Do this and you wont have to look for which is the best nail salon Las Vegas has.

Always use a base coat before applying color:

Using a good base coat before you apply your color will make your manicure last longer and strengthen your nails while you go about your day. The trick is to apply a very thin coat, that will dry very quickly. By the time you’re on the 10th nail, the first one is dry and can be painted with color. No need to visit a Las Vegas nail salon.

Moisturize Cuticles:

In order to make sure they are healthy and in good condition, you should always moisturize your cuticles before you sleep. There are a ton of products you can use for this purpose, but if you need a recommendation then go for Nail Butter or Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab. Nail Butter takes a while to soak in but the Sally Hansen absorbs really quickly. Generously apply to the cuticle area and massage it in, repeat until it becomes a nightly ritual.

Crush your cuticles:

Sometimes you’ll encounter some unwanted cuticle growth, it is necessary to remove them for better nails. You’ll need something known as a cuticle remover, they have a 1-2 minutes of waiting time. If you want to clock it even faster then Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover only needs 15 seconds to melt away any unwanted cuticle growth. You’ll also need a good tool to push them back and a brush to wash them away. Once you’ve found your flow and practiced a few times, you could even get this whole routine down to less than 10 minutes.

So there you have it, the ultimate ‘Lazy Girl’s guide to Nail Care’. Use these tricks and no need to spend a fortune on nail care.

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