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Feeling tired can be a bad feeling especially when the day has been long. You’re a hard worker, you give your 100% to everything. It’s normal to crave relaxation after spending hours at work or constantly running errands at home. That’s exactly why you should consider giving yourself some leisure time to relax and unwind.

Two things can make you forget all the nastiness in the world instantly: A box full of chocolates and a good hot stone pedicure, it doesn’t matter how hard life might seem, get either one of these or even both of them and you’ll feel instantly better.

You already know the importance of a relaxing pedicure in a woman’s life. But have you tried the hot stone pedicure yet? Well if you haven't then just step right in our salon. We offer the best hot stone pedicures known to womankind.

You would surely want to know the amazing benefits of this pedicure before you actually try one. The thing that is so special about a hot stone pedicure is that it is more than just a regular pedicure. Actually, there are many but we’re only mentioning a few, the rest you’ll find out when you get a hot stone pedicure from us.

It Relaxes Your Foot Muscles: Your feet are the body part which bears the weight of your entire body. And that is the very reason why the feet muscles are the most tired muscles in the body. The hot stone pedicure generates heat in these muscles so that they can relax and get rejuvenated.

Pressure Points: Something you may or may not know is that there are several pressure points on the soles of your feet that can stimulate senses all over your body. One of the main benefits of this pedicure is that the hot stones are placed under your feet. This instantly feels refreshing because those pressure points are being simulated, you’ll feel relaxed all over your body.

Chinese Medicine: Fun fact, several pedicure techniques were practiced in China. One might even argue that pedicures were discovered in Ancient China. The hot stone pedicure has the goodness and wisdom of Chinese medicine in it. Hot stones being massaged at the sensitive areas of the feet goes way back. It has the yin and yang energies.

The Aromatic Oils: The hot stone pedicure is not done just with hot stones. By using energizing and moisturizing oils, your feet is scrubbed thoroughly and then. The oiled stones are then placed at key locations on the feet which allow the tired muscles to relax.

Detoxifying Stones: Constant stretching and contractions of the muscles can occur by walking, working, or any other stressful activity. This can cause the muscles to unpleasantly knot up. But the warmth of the hot stones can release cramps from these knots and also release toxins such as lactic acid.

Can’t wait to try out the benefits of this pedicure? Dedicate a day to your feet and book an appointment today.

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