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Hot Stone Pedicure: Most Remarkable Reasons Why You Must Try It

Hot stone pedicure helps improve good sleep and rejuvenates your holistic health. The reflex points are available under the feet and hands. That is why you will get holistic health improvement and refreshment and will remain refreshed.

A hot stone pedicure is a luxurious but therapeutic treatment procedure with a lot of benefits. Some smooth and hot stones are placed under the feet by following some specific rules. As the reflex points of nerves are available under the feet, they penetrate the organs related to it and make them active to perform better. At the same time, it rejuvenates the entire nervous system of the body which makes you feel active, refreshed, and inspired. This way, a hot stone pedicure offers mental and physical benefits.

How hot stone pedicure work?

Feet are always overlooked from taking care but it is one of the vital parts of the human body and should be attention for holistic health. Pampering your feet relieves your stress, recovers the achy muscles, and promotes overall well-being. A hot stone pedicure is combined with massage and the placing of warm stone under the feet and some parts of the muscles of the legs.

Hot stone relaxes the nerves and muscles of the feet and legs. Thus, they send some soothing and relaxing sensations to the brain. Thus, the pains, muscle spasms, strains, and stiffness get relaxed. When they are used under the feet, they help promote holistic health. The relaxing sensation of a hot stone pedicure encourages you to unwind and relax your mind along with bringing smoothness to the feet.

Process to use hot stones in pedicure

During a hot stone pedicure, some smooth and flat stones are selected. They are then made hot and placed on the selected spots of the feet and legs.  Usually, basalt rocks are commonly used. When the hot stone is placed on the muscles and the reflux points of the nerves of the feet, they relax the muscles and nerves of the body.

For foot rest, the therapist or pedicure expert may place the stones in a bowl. They tuck small stones between the toes and larger ones on the top of the feet. Stones are also aligned on both sides of the lower calves and sometimes under the feet. However, depending on comfort and holistic health, the technician can place the stones in different places as they feel suitable.

Hot Stone Pedicure: step by step

·        At the very beginning, remove all the old nail polish and do not use new ones before the hot stone pedicure.

·        Then, soak your feet with warm water

·        Then, make the stones warmer with coal or any other process by a temperature of 4 to 5 degrees higher than the body temperature. Don’t try to make the stones wormier than the recommended.

·        Use the stones now and apply them to your feet for about 10 to 30 minutes.

·        After this, you may expect a foot and leg massage from your expert pedicurist.

·        The massage may happen with the application of aromatic oil or by applying aroma therapy.

·        Finally, the pedicurist finishes the pedicure with nail polish or any nail coating preparations.

Benefits of hot stone pedicure:

Hot stone pedicure provides multiple benefits to the body and mind along with direct benefits for feet and related muscles. Here are some salient benefits of hot stone pedicure:

1.   Enhanced relaxation:

Hot stone application on feet promotes relaxation by smoothing the tensioned muscles and nervous system and enhancing the sense of comfort in the brain. Any contact with a heated substance in the body increases blood circulation in the veins and arteries. The pampering of feet and heating on some nervous points promote relaxation by removing tensions and ensuring overall well-being.

2.   Improved Blood Circulation:

Heated stones penetrate the nervous system as the ends of some important organs are placed on the feet. So, the nervous system gets penetrated. They increase the blood circulation to the related organs. When they touch the skin of the feet and legs, they increase the blood circulation of the legs or related area very much. Thus, they also promote oxygen delivery in the related cells and tissues. So, any contraction or swelling cures in a short period of time.

3.   Stress reduction:

Hot stone has a calming effect on nerves by penetrating them. A soothing sense reaches the brain. It is medically proven that a hot stone pedicure reduces stress effectively and increases sleep levels. The temperature of the stone alleviates the action and reduces physical and mental stresses.

4.   Relieving of pain:

The combination of massage and the application of hot stone on the feet relieves pains, muscular strains, and aches. Some pedicurist target pressing reflex points that relaxes muscles and stimulates some organs including the central nervous system. They also help relieve muscle knots in the legs and feet. Thus, it improves flexibility and helps relieve pains.

5.   Detoxification:

The warmth of the stones stimulates the lymphatic system and helps remove toxins from the body. By detoxifying, the effect can contribute to a healthier, glossier, and more vibrant look of the skin. Thus, the skin of the feet and legs will be aesthetically pleasing.

6.   Balancing the energy flow:

A hot stone pedicure helps balance the hot stone therapy. It equalizes the blood flow in the veins and arteries and balances energy flow within the body. These stones are placed at the right points of the nerves on the feet so that the energy flow gets balanced throughout the body.

7.   Improves sleep quality:

Sleeping sickness, insomnia, and many other diseases get recovered from the very first day of a hot stone pedicure. As the muscles and nerves get stimulated with soothing sensations, your brain will also get a relaxing effect. Hence, this spa treatment may contribute excellent sleeping experience.’

In the end, a hot stone pedicure offers a holistic healing effect on the body and mind. However, it provides the benefits of traditional pedicure. Hot stone pedicure with massage increases the health of the skin of the feet, relaxed muscles, tension-free mind, and more. So, it is the popular choice of all beauty-loving women in any corner of the world. If you want complete foot care along with excellent relaxation in a beauty care center, contact Perfect Nails. The experts will offer you a hot stone pedicure with ultimate knowledge and experience.


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