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What Is a Gel Manicure? What Are the Reasons for its Popularity?

Today, different types of nail manicures have been invented to beautify the nails of celebrities and beauty lovers. It makes the nails beautiful with glossy colors. The compound is prepared with pigmented gel. After application and drying out, it outshines all other nail compounds used for the beautification of nails.

Gel manicure is the most appreciable fashion statement of nails among beauty lovers. The nails become as bold as the lineup of trendy fashions of modern times. With the virtue of long-lasting wear, it gives an intense shine. The longevity of these nails is around three to four weeks. Surely, your nails will get a game-changing look with a premium style statement. Let’s go ahead and learn some basic and intense information about the nail manicure.

What are Gel Nails?

Gel nails, gel manicures, or gel polish are also known as soak-off gel lacquer; in short, they are called gel manicures. This nail coat looks like nail polish because it keeps a thin brush on the formula with the intention of a glossier finish, longevity, and high performance.

Is there any difference between gel nails and acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are a thicker statement on nails that combines monomer and specific pigment powder. Hence, it is a thicker composition for nails. On the other hand, gel nails are like nail polish applied on the nails in the form of gel and it is cured with the UV curing machine at a specific temperature. The curing time of gel nails is slightly higher than that of acrylic nails when compared to aerobic curing time. However, when gel nails are dried in an electronic nail drying machine, the curing time is drastically reduced. The glossy shine of the nails is greater than any other type of nail type. Maybe both are different technologies for nail manicures, but gel nails have widely been accepted by beauty lovers.

How to apply gel nail manicure?

=>  Before applying a gel manicure, you have to remove the nail polish or any other coating applied to the nails. Then, you have to sand the nails to make it smooth.

=> A high-quality nail base bond is applied on the cleaned nail for premium bonding of gels with the nails. This also brings proper pH balance for optimum adhesion. This ensures a long-lasting gel manicure.

=> This time, you can apply the gel nail coating one after another until it looks thicker, deeper, and glossier.

=> If you need to trim your nails, you can do it before application of gel nails. Then, your nails will remain smoother all around.

=> If the gel covers the base of the nail, you can clean it with the little sanding machines specially prepared for nails. Then, you have to apply another coating of gel manicure.

=>  The nails are to be dried under an LED light drier or UV light drier.

=>  After the application of gel nail coating, it only takes 30 seconds under an LED or UV drying machine. Still, you should wait at least 15 minutes to apply another coat.

=>  Nails are wiped with an alcohol-based wiping cloth or tissue.

=> After all these, you may receive a hand, finger, and palm massage, as well.

How to Remove Gel Polish?

It is very critical to remove the gels from the nails after application. You have to be careful about following each step to ensure you have done no damage to your nails.


·        Use a nail file to break the seal of the coating from the nails, sidewalls, and edges.

·        Soak a cotton ball with nail-removing liquid and place it on the top of the nails.

·        You have to wait from 15 to 20 minutes in this soaking state.

·        Wrap and twist some metal foil around the balls and finger.

·        Then, open it and rub it to remove the coating. Repeat if there is any coating remains.

·        Bring a cuticle stick to remove the remaining gel residue stuck on the nails.

·        Again, clean the nails with gentle rubbing with a cotton ball

·        Make sure that you have used cuticle oil to keep the nails smooth and protected from drying and chipping.

Why are gel manicures so popular among beauty lovers?

=>  Longevity of gel manicure

This nail manicure lasts for about 3 weeks or more. So, when you are planning for a vacation or you are a party lover, you can be ready always with your semi-permanent glossy nails.

=>  The cost of gel nails

The cost of gel nails is pretty low, and it does not cost more than regular nail polish. However, the shining glossy durability will last three to four weeks. Hence, the comparative cost would be much less. This is also one of the causes of the popularity of these nail manicures.

Putting it simply, you can easily understand that gel nail polish would be cost-effective and the most efficient glossy and stylish manicure technology. You do not need to break the bank for a gel manicure.

=>  Fewer Chips but Elegant Shine

How irritating it is to notice the chipping of nails after a chemical manicure after a costly affair. When you go for a gel nail manicure, you won’t have any chipping experience.

However, you must consider the best nail primer and pigmented gels for coloring your nails. Then, the possibility of gel nails is almost zero.

You also have to keep in mind about the heating of nails. This is also the reason for nail chipping. So, experts in this field know how to do the job professionally and prevent the chipping of nails and higher gloss.

=>  It is always safe for nails

Apart from the beautification of nails, all women consider the safety of nails. When you apply gel nails on your natural nails, it does not harm them anymore. Only when the users try to peel the gel application from the nails forcefully may create a possibility of getting their nails harmed. If there is any essentiality to get your nails peeled off, you should consult the expert of a reputed salon. This also proves that when you apply a gel manicure, you will receive a stronger and longer-lasting coating on your nails.

=>  Easily replace the regular nail polish with gel nails

Yes, you can easily replace the regular nail polish with a gel nail manicure. You can tint your nails with premium glossiness with this manicure technology. However, it is always recommended that you should use high-quality nail gels at the hands of top-rated experts at a nail salon.

=>  Strengthens the nail

A gel manicure is an application, that hardens the nails many times. Hence, you can move through the rough circumstances and everyday consequences where pressure on nails may happen.

Benefits outline:

Longevity, Quick Drying Time, High Shine, Versatility in Design, Less Maintenance, Strength and Protection, and no Smudging are the fundamental benefits of gel nail manicures.

Perfect Nails offers all types of nail manicures, including gel manicure, acrylic manicure, powder manicure, and all other sorts by the hands of top-quality professionals. We are in your area too. Why are you waiting, then? Contact us now to learn more.   


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