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The Hot Stone Therapy Pedicure

When in Las Vegas you want to make sure that your pedicure and manicure is on point. We have just the thing for that.

I’m talking about the Hot Stone pedicure, it is a specialized pedicure that uses heated rocks to encourage relaxation in your legs and feet. If your feet undergo wear and tear in daily life, a hot-stone treatment may be just what you need to complement your pedicure. Your toes come out looking clean and pretty, and your legs and feet feel less tense. It is the ultimate relaxing pedicure therapy, and you will come out feeling refreshed.

The therapy itself is simple, and there is no rocket science involved. During a hot-stone pedicure, the technician places heated, smooth, flat stones on top of and underneath your feet. The heat from the rocks relaxes your muscles and stimulates pressure points in your feet. The technician may place heated rocks in a bowl for your feet to rest on. However, more often, she’ll tuck small stones between your toes and place larger ones on the tops of your feet, along the sides of your lower calves and under the arches of your feet. Before going into this process, your feet are prepared. The preparation phase consists o soaking your feet, removing old nail polish and trimming your nails. Following this procedure, your feet are thoroughly cleaned and then stones are applied for 10 to 30 minutes, and to finish the whole ordeal at a high note, you will get a foot and leg massage. It is one of the most popular beauty procedures done at the salons of Las Vegas, just Google “nail shops near me” and book an appointment.

But why would you go through with this, what will your motivations be to go through with the Hot Stone Therapy Pedicure? Hot-stone pedicures can reduce fatigue and increase energy levels, as well as help you relax and soothe your nerves. The heat from the stones can relieve muscle tension and encourages circulation in your lower extremities. The temperature of the stones is gentle, usually no more than 4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than your body temperature. The heat from the rocks enhances your skin’s ability to absorb oils during the massage and aromatherapy portion of your pedicure. If that didn’t convince you then I don’t know what will. Pick up your phone and just Google “nail shops near me” to book an appointment.

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