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The Crystals Jelly Pedicure

Hey you! Yeah, you! You wanted to look good, right? You’re in Las Vegas a place where you have to look your absolute best as you will be in the spotlight. You can invest in good clothing, accessories, and what not but there are two things that can make you stand out - pedicures and manicures. Now there are tons of places where you can get a pedicure in Las Vegas, you can just google “pedicure near me”.

I’m talking about the Crystals Jelly Pedicure, which can be described as a spa session combined with a jelly play session. This happens by turning ordinary water into translucent fluffy jelly. This procedure is usually utilized as a pre soak for Pedicures. So what is in the Crystal Jelly Pedicure? What makes it up? Is normal edible jelly used or is there a particular kind that is used here? No doubt these questions have come to us, but don’t worry as I will explain everything. There are two components to Jelly Pedi. First is a powder that contains natural plant extracts and oils and when combined with warm water, that transforms into translucent jelly within minutes. Customers can soak, exfoliate and massage in a tub full of jelly for a unique spa experience. When finished, add the Mineral Salt and watch as the jelly is dissolved back into water for easy drainage. The procedure was originally developed in Japan and it was used by the hottest leading salons and enjoyed by many celebrities. It is now available in America and in Las Vegas particulrly, where you can easily get it at one of the top salons.

So what are the benefits? What do you gain from this procedure?

The components of the pedicure contain Aloe Vera extracts, which is gentle enough for sensitive skins, act as a burst of hydration for dry and tired skin. The bits of jelly work as a natural exfoliate while plant oils deeply moisturize skin. Highlight of this experience is soaking in this gelatinous foot bath and massaging Jelly Pedi into the skin and muscles, stimulating senses that has never been touched before.

Keep in mind that this is a pre pedicure procedure, the real deal happens after it but due to its properties and its uses the Crystals Jelly pedicure can be, and sometimes is, used on its own as the main pedicure. No matter your requirements, you can easily get this at any of the leading salons in Las Vegas. Simply just google “Perfect Nails” and book an appointment today.

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