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Cate Eye Designs

Looking good takes a huge effort, we all know that. We spend hours daily in front of the mirror fussing over our hair, make up, eye liner; you know what I mean. This is really stressful and even more so when we have to go to some place nice, or when we have to be in the spot light like the city Las Vegas. Since it’s a party town, you have to look perfect and considering you’d be active and moving around a lot. No through this hustle and bustle, you’d want to look your best. You want to make sure that your nails are done to perfection and you would search for the best nail salon Las Vegas has using things like ‘nails near me’ etc.

You’ll find hundreds if not thousands of results that will provide you with more than a satisfactory nails jobs, but if you seriously want to up your game then you need a ‘Cat Eye Designs’. The popular Cat Eye manicure is growing every day, and it creates a unique effect on the nail with the help of specially designed magnetic technology. Want to know what happens in this manicure? How it works? You’re in luck, as I’m about to tell you. The start is pretty simple and has the same steps as a regular manicure; remove previous polish, degrease and clean the cuticle. Then when all that’s finished, they apply the gel polish. This process is repeated many times for each nail, as the polish is applied in several layers and carefully dried with the use of a lamp. Once a layer is applied, its exposed to the special magnetic plate which actually brings out the desired effect. These are one of the most popular manicure procedures being done in some of the best nail salon Las Vegas has. It may sound complicated but the reality is far from the perception, its quite easy to do and now you can even find kits that include several magnetic plates and special polishes to create trendy effect on your nails. Each plate can create a strip of light on the nails of its size, making every manicure most original and unique.

This design really creates an unusual, almost hypnotic effect on the nails, but to achieve this result may be difficult to some novices trying it out for the first time as it uses some special equipment, mainly the lamps and the magnetic plates. But no matter, even if you’re not as skilled doing this on your own, you can still get it done from our salon in Las Vegas, when you’re there. Simply search ‘nails near me’. Now you will be able to bedazzle them all on the casino floors in Las Vegas, its time to hit the spot light.

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