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DIY Lip Waxing

Getting that perfect look can be quite a pain, sometimes quite literally. We all have some things about our appearance that we’re not happy with, and we’d like to change it. For most women, its unwanted hair and thankfully there’s a solution known as waxing. There are tons of waxing procedures out there, legs, arms, bikini, brazilian, and the topic that we’re discussing today, Lip Waxing. Lip Waxing might just be the most common waxing procedure to be done. Almost all the good salons offer multiple waxing procedures where you go and have it done; of course some people prefer to do it themselves who don’t want to go through with the awkwardness or simply don’t have the time to go to the salon.

Although its really simple on paper, as the area to be waxed is small, the reality is a bit different. The fact is that you also have to be quite careful, because if you mess up you can’t hide it and the facial skin is quite sensitive so it’ll hurt a bit more if you’re not careful. Eyebrow waxing is one of the most common waxing procedures available in any salon. Its easy to do on your own as well, so if you have some experience with waxing then you can attempt on your own. Although when all things are considered, its just easier going to a salon but if you want to attempt on your own then here are some guidelines:

  1. Use a Pre-Wax Cleanser and Oil.

  2. Use baby powder to dry out the area of any oil.

  3. Then we get to the waxing. Start with the bottom of the area, pressing the strips on in the direction of the hair growth and pulling the strip off in the opposite direction.

  4. Pull the strip off in one fast movement, the faster the better.

  5. Apply Rubbing Alcohol Post-Wax.

Follow these steps exactly and you wont have any problem with your lip hair, of course its just easier to opt for a salon in the end as then you won’t have to risk a mess up. Let us walk you through what will happen when you go to a salon. Once you arrive for your appointment our wax technician will cleanse the skin along the lip area and apply a powder will to prevent wax from clinging to sensitive skin. He or she will apply the wax and adhere a strip to the area. Once the wax has cooled, the esthetician will rip off the strip quickly. Finally, he or she will use a wax cleanser to remove any residue and apply an aloe solution to soothe the skin. The steps are the same (more or less) as the ones you would undertake if you did it on your own, and now as you can see are not that different. The only thing different is the experience and skill in the hands of the technician.

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