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DIY Ice Cream Sundae Pedicure

In today’s world, its impossible not to find out about stuff like it. After all, we have so many ways to find out, and I’m pretty sure that’s how you found out as well. Was it a friend, an advertisement on TV or did you find it online? It doesn’t matter but as soon as you found out, you can’t forget it and are obsessed with it. I’m talking about the ice cream sundae pedicure. Yes, you heard it right! The revolutionary pedicure procedure is here and has taken the world by storm. You’re in Las Vegas and are searching for places where to get ice cream sundae pedicure. You want to get the best ice cream sundae pedicure Las Vegas has, and you already have a few options to where you can get it. But before we get into that, allow me to walk you through it.

What happens:

  • You start by soaking up your feet in warm water. You will be presented with an assortment of Ice Cream scoops, and once the choice has been made the scoop will be added to the water. This will soften up the skin and clean it so the procedure can be done smoothly.

  • Then they will rub your feet with a scrub, this will exfoliate your legs and feet. Once the procedure is completed, the area will be rinsed. This will rid the skin of dead skin cells.

  • Then its time for callus removal. Our feet get callused when we have to walk around all day long, and so for a great manicure we remove them. Your calluses will be removed using a pumice stone.

  • Next up we have the foot mask. You will be asked to choose the one you want and once you have made your choice, the procedure will continue. The mask will be applied to your feet and then they will be wrapped around in hot towels, after 5 minutes or so the mask will be removed.

  • Following the mask, you will be asked to select from a whipped lotion. Upon making the choice, the lotion will be applied to your feet.

  • And then finally, your nails will be painted. The treatment which you have received so far will have prepared the nails as well, and the paint will be applied. First the base coat will be applied to prepare for the polish. After which two coats of Lacquer will be applied. And in order to seal that, the seal coating will be applied followed by a top coat.

  • This concludes your Ice Cream Sundae Pedicure.

As we have seen that the ice cream sundae pedicure is quite a revolutionary procedure. There are other such procedures as well, which you will be able to get in the top salons of Las Vegas. Happy experimenting!

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