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DIY Chamomile Pedicure

Nowadays word gets around, and its impossible to not hear about something. You have heard a rumor that the chamomile pedicure is one of the best out there, and since you’re in Las Vegas, you should to give it a shot. Just google “chamomile pedicure las vegas” and find Perfect Nails Salon.

What’s so special about this pedicure and a regular pedicure? Not much procedure wise, but in benefits this one takes the cake. And both of them are quite easy to do, and if you want to attempt them all by yourself, here are thing you need to do so.

Things you will need:

  • A UV Lamp or alternatively an LED Lamp (to cure the nails)

  • Nail polish of our choice

  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or Cleanser (to remove previous coats)

  • Lint Free nail wipes. (to clean)

  • Basic pedicure tools. (always have them in any pedicure)

  • Desk lamp or extra light. (to help you see better)

  • Chamomile Spa kit.

  • Nail Polish of choice.

Chamomile foot soak:

The main difference this pedicure has with the others is the foot soak, with Chamomile in it, it is a healing, calming, soothing, & antibacterial treatment to your feet. It also provides dual functions as an aromatherapy and helps in calming anxiety. It is designed to soothe your skin and aching muscles. You may also scrub your feet to remove calluses and dead skin.

Nail prep:

Now moving on the nails, start by trimming and filing the nails, and by doing so give them the desired shape. Followed by push the cuticles back using the appropriate tool. Use your buffer to take the shine off gently, nails are delicate so be careful. Remove the dust with an alcohol soaked lint free wipe.

Application of the Base coat:

Now you apply a thin layer of foundation evenly all over the nail, and keep in mind to get back as close all the way to the cuticles as possible, but don’t touch it. Afterwards cure them under the lamp for 45 seconds.

Application of the Nail Polish:

Similar procedure as the foundation. Apply a thin layer evenly all over the nail. Get as close to the cuticle as possible but don’t touch it, it will cause early peeling. Afterwards cure them under the lamp for 45 seconds. Repeat this process 3 times, and when done so, please move on to the next step.

Removal of Tacky Layer:

After the final coat has cured, the nails will still be tacky. Use an alcohol soaked lint free wipe to remove the tacky layer from the nails. If you've applied all of the product correctly, your nails should be finished and glossy looking. Repeat the same steps for your second hand.

As mentioned before, it is very similar to a regular pedicure except for a minute difference. If you’re still not confident about it after these thorough instructions, you can visit Perfect Nails and see one of our professional technicians.

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