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DIY Acrylic Gel Manicure

If I were to ask you, the importance of looking good, then I’m pretty sure it would be up in the top 5 most important things in the world. We spend thousands and hours on our attire and footwear but there is one thing that can really up our style game and that is our nails. Whenever you use your hands, ask yourself, what is the first thing that gets noticed? That’s right your nails, and so your nails have to be on point. As you are in Las Vegas, there are plenty of people who have similar ideals and are in a similar predicament, finding professionals who offer such services will be quite easy, simply using the keyword ‘acrylic gel manicure las vegas’ to find Perfect Nails Salon where we specialize in acrylic manicures. If you want to enhance your nail game, this is the manicure. But sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands and DIY, here is how you would attempt an acrylic gel manicure.

  1. The procedure is simple, and combines a gel manicure with an acrylic manicure. Wash your hands, brush your nails with a clean with a nail brush. Then dry them thoroughly and afterwards file and shape the nails with a 180 grit file, leaving the free edge flat or square.

  2. Brush the residue from the filing away. Take care not to touch your nails with your fingers.

  3. Using the traditional acrylic technique, apply the white product first, the liquid monomer will become slightly milky as you work but that’s fine.

  4. Dip your sculpting brush into the liquid and quickly wipe it off. Holding the brush straight (with the upper end pointing to the ceiling), wipe and refine your smile line shape until the product no longer moves and is almost set up.

  5. This is when we apply the gel top on the acrylic nails. We will use three products in total. Start by applying a thin even coat of foundation. Dry it and then apply the Gelish Nail Polish 3 times, using the same principle, allowing it to dry between coats. And finally apply the topper.

  6. And now we finalize everything, begin by removing the forms from the nails. Then with a handfile, shape the tips, sides and undersides of all 10 nails.

  7. Remove any dust from the nails.

  8. If you have attempted the steps correctly then you would have great gel acrylic nails by now. The gel manicure and acrylic manicures are available separately, but if you want to enhance the experience even further, this is the way to do it. Simple to do, once you know what you have to do. But if you’re a bit skeptical about your skills, just google ‘acrylic gel manicure las vegas’ and visit Perfect Nails Salon in Las Vegas.

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